CareMAXTM Service Locations

The Service Centers listed below have been recognised by Carrier Transicold and proven their ability to
Manage Refrigerant to the required standards

CompanyCan be sorted ascendingLocationCan be sorted ascendingWebsiteEmail
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Arrowhead Intermodal Services LLCKansas City[email protected]
Contrepair La Spezia La Spezia None[email protected]
Depositos Y Contenedores S.A.San Antonio[email protected]
Depositos Y Contenedores S.A.Valparaiso[email protected]
[email protected]
Eastern (1961) Company Pte. Ltd.Singapore[email protected]
Harbour Reefer ServiceRotterdam[email protected]
H.C.C.R. GmbhHamburg[email protected]
Ictc ReefersAntwerpNone[email protected]
Illinois Transport Inc.ChicagoNone[email protected]
JPC Reefer ServicesSydney[email protected]
JPC Reefer ServicesMelbourne[email protected]
JPC Reefer ServicesBrisbane[email protected]
Medlog Chile S.A.San AntonioNone[email protected]
Medlog Chile S.A.http://[email protected]
Olinsa SASBarranquilla[email protected]
Olinsa SASCartagena[email protected]
Olinsa SASTurbo[email protected]
Olinsa SASSanta Marta[email protected]
Pentalver Transport Ltd FelixstoweNone[email protected]
Reefer Maintenance Services Pty LtdSydneyNone[email protected]
Reefertec Pte LtdSingapore[email protected]
Seamark Reefer Service BVRotterdam[email protected]
Servicios Integrados de Transportes Ltda. Valparaiso[email protected]
Servicios Integrados de Transportes Ltda. San Antonio[email protected]
Servicios Integrados de Transportes Ltda. Terminal Pacifico Sur Valparaiso[email protected]
Servicios Integrados de Transportes Ltda. Santiago[email protected]
Specialised Refrigeration Services(NZ)LtdTauranga[email protected]
Specialised Refrigeration Services(NZ)LtdNapier[email protected]
Star Container Spain S.A.Algeciras [email protected]
S&T Contemp Co. LtdBangkok[email protected]
S&T Contemp Co. LtdChonburi[email protected]
S&T Contemp Co. LtdNakorn Pathom[email protected]
TASESAGuayaquil[email protected]
Termobrastec Comércio e Serviços LTDA.Santos[email protected]
Transporte y Servicio de Reefer S.A.C.CallaoNone[email protected]
TRG Eastern Co LtdSamutprakarnNone[email protected]
TRG Eastern Co LtdChonburiNone[email protected]