Container Training

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For further information about training on refrigerated containers, please contact Tom Graf at +1 (315) 4323492 or David Whyte at +1 (315) 4326411.

RegisterCourse No.Can be sorted ascending or descendingCourse TitleCan be sorted ascending or descendingLocationCan be sorted ascending or descendingCourse DatesCan be sorted ascending or descendingEarly Registration DeadlineCan be sorted ascending or descending
Rejected IconCancelledC28722 Day Container Technician Certificate CourseCape Town, South Africa09/18/2018 -- 09/19/201808/17/2018
RegisterC28743 Day Container Technician Certificate CourseIzmir, Turkey09/18/2018 -- 09/20/201808/17/2018
Rejected IconCancelledC28753 Day Container Technician Certificate CourseNagoya, Japan09/19/2018 -- 09/21/201808/17/2018
RegisterC28501 Week Container Technician Certificate CourseCallao, Peru09/24/2018 -- 09/28/201808/24/2018
RegisterC28762 Day Container Technician Certificate CourseBremerhaven, Germany09/25/2018 -- 09/26/201808/24/2018
Rejected IconCancelledC28893 Day Container Technician Certificate CourseKingston, Jamaica10/03/2018 -- 10/05/201808/31/2018
RegisterC28571 Week Container Technician Certificate Course Long Beach, CA10/08/2018 -- 10/12/201809/07/2018
Calendar IconRegisterC28353 Day Container Technician Certificate CourseHaifa Bay, Israel10/09/2018 -- 10/11/201809/07/2018
Calendar IconRegisterC28852 Day Container Technician Certificate CourseTauranga, New Zealand10/09/2018 -- 10/10/201809/07/2018
RegisterC28792 Day Container Technician Certificate CourseHamburg, Germany10/16/2018 -- 10/17/201809/14/2018
RegisterC28583 Day Container Technician Certificate CourseBuenos Aires, Argentina10/22/2018 -- 10/24/201809/21/2018
RegisterC28803 Day Container Technician Certificate CourseLa Ensenada, Mexico 10/22/2018 -- 10/24/201809/21/2018
Banned IconFULL - Wait List OnlyC28813 Day Container Technician Certificate CourseXiamen, China10/23/2018 -- 10/25/201809/21/2018
RegisterC28822 Day Gen SetLa Ensenada, Mexico 10/25/2018 -- 10/26/201809/21/2018
Calendar IconRegisterC28143 Day Container Technician Certificate CourseSuva, Fiji10/30/2018 -- 11/01/201809/28/2018
RegisterC28541 Week Container Technician Certificate CourseGuayaquil, Ecuador11/05/2018 -- 11/09/201810/05/2018
RegisterC28593 Day Container Technician Certificate CourseRio Grande, Brasil11/05/2018 -- 11/07/201810/05/2018
RegisterC28831 Week Container Technician Certificate Course Jacksonville, FL11/12/2018 -- 11/16/201810/12/2018
Calendar IconRegisterC28861 Week Container Technician Certificate CourseKarachi, Pakistan11/12/2018 -- 11/16/201810/12/2018
RegisterC28843 Day Container Technician Certificate CourseKaohsiung, Taiwan11/13/2018 -- 11/15/201810/12/2018
Calendar IconRegisterC28643 Day Container Technician Certificate CourseAbidjan, Ivory Coast11/19/2018 -- 11/21/201810/19/2018
RegisterC28901 Week Container Technician Certificate Course Wilmington, IL12/03/2018 -- 12/07/201811/02/2018
RegisterEOLM01PLPKGPrimeLINE® Unit Associate Certificate PackageOn-Line
RegisterEOLM02TLPKGThinLINE® Unit Associate Certificate PackageOn-Line
RegisterEOLMOD01 Working on Reefer Units Safely On-Line
RegisterEOLMOD02 Basic RefrigerationOn-Line
RegisterEOLMOD03 Basic ElectricalOn-Line
RegisterEOLMOD04aPrimeLINE® Unit Component IDOn-Line
RegisterEOLMOD04bThinLINE® Unit Component IDOn-Line
RegisterEOLMOD05 Keypad & Display FunctionsOn-Line
RegisterEOLMOD06 Tools & ResourcesOn-Line
RegisterEOLMOD07aPrimeLINE® Unit Operating Sequence & Refrigerant FlowOn-Line
RegisterEOLMOD07bThinLINE® Unit Operating Sequence & Refrigerant FlowOn-Line
RegisterEOLMOD08 Pre-TripOn-Line
RegisterEOLMOD10NaturaLINE® Unit OverviewOn-Line
RegisterEOLMOD11NaturaLINE® Unit Operating Sequence & Refrigerant FlowOn-Line

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