Container Training

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For further information about training on refrigerated containers, please contact Tom Graf at +1 (315) 4323492 or David Whyte at +1 (315) 4326411.

RegisterCourse No.Can be sorted ascending or descendingCourse TitleCan be sorted ascending or descendingLocationCan be sorted ascending or descendingCourse DatesCan be sorted ascending or descendingEarly Registration DeadlineCan be sorted ascending or descending
RegisterC28262 Day Gen SetNorfolk, VA03/22/2018 -- 03/23/201802/16/2018
Banned IconFULL - Wait List OnlyC28223 Day Container Technician Certificate CoursePorto, Portugal03/27/2018 -- 03/29/201802/23/2018
Calendar IconRegisterC28193 Day Container Technician Certificate Course - SPANISHPanama City, Panama04/02/2018 -- 04/04/201803/02/2018
Calendar IconRegisterC28172 Day Gen SetPanama City, Panama04/05/2018 -- 04/06/201803/02/2018
RegisterC28293 Day Container Technician Certificate CourseSavannah, GA04/09/2018 -- 04/11/201803/09/2018
RegisterC28312 Day Gen SetSavannah, GA04/12/2018 -- 04/13/201803/09/2018
RegisterC28283 Day Container Technician Certificate CourseSt. Petersburg, Russia04/17/2018 -- 04/19/201803/16/2018
RegisterC28333 Day Container Technician Certificate CourseBusan, Korea04/17/2018 -- 04/19/201803/16/2018
RegisterC28362 Day Container Technician Certificate CourseSydney, Australia04/17/2018 -- 04/18/201803/16/2018
RegisterC28371-Week Container Technician Certificate Course - SpanishSanta Marta, Colombia05/07/2018 -- 05/11/201804/06/2018
RegisterC28381 Week Container Technician Certificate CourseQingdao, China05/07/2018 -- 05/11/201804/06/2018
RegisterC28392 Day Container Technician Certificate CourseFelixstowe, UK05/09/2018 -- 05/10/201804/06/2018
RegisterC28403 Day Container Technician Certificate CourseOakland, CA05/14/2018 -- 05/16/201804/13/2018
RegisterC28432 Day Gen SetOakland, CA05/22/2018 -- 05/23/201804/20/2018
Calendar IconRegisterC28422 Day Container Technician Certificate CourseAntwerp, Belgium05/29/2018 -- 05/30/201804/20/2018
Calendar IconRegisterC28322 Day Gen SetManzanillo, Mexico05/31/2018 -- 06/01/201804/27/2018
RegisterC28443 Day Container Technician Certificate CourseFortaleza, Brazil06/04/2018 -- 06/06/201805/04/2018
RegisterC28453 Day Container Technician Certificate CourseLivorno, Italy06/05/2018 -- 06/07/201805/04/2018
RegisterC28462 Day Gen SetFortaleza, Brazil06/07/2018 -- 06/08/201805/04/2018
RegisterC28471-Week Container Technician Certificate Course - SpanishPuerto Barrios, Guatemala06/11/2018 -- 06/15/201805/11/2018
RegisterC28302 Day Container Technician Certificate CourseGdynia, Poland06/12/2018 -- 06/13/201805/11/2018
RegisterC28482 Day Container Technician Certificate CoursePerth, Australia06/20/2018 -- 06/21/201805/18/2018
RegisterC28043 Day Container Technician Certificate CourseMombasa, Kenya06/25/2018 -- 06/27/201805/25/2017
RegisterC28072 Day Gen SetMombasa, Kenya06/28/2018 -- 06/29/201805/25/2017
RegisterC28013 Day Container Technician Certificate CoursePort Louis, Mauritius07/02/2018 -- 07/04/201806/01/2017
RegisterC28493 Day Container Technician Certificate CourseAsuncion, Paraguay07/10/2018 -- 07/12/201806/08/2018
RegisterC28343 Day Container Technician Certificate CourseAthens, Greece07/17/2018 -- 07/19/201806/15/2018
RegisterC28503 Day Container Technician Certificate CoursePaita, Peru07/30/2018 -- 08/01/201806/29/2018
RegisterC28533 Day Container Technician Certificate CourseMontevideo, Uruguay08/14/2018 -- 08/16/201807/13/2018
Calendar IconRegisterC28151-Week Container Technician Certificate Course - SpanishPort Limon, Costa Rica08/20/2018 -- 08/24/201807/20/2018
RegisterEOLMOD01 Working on Reefer Units Safely On-Line
RegisterEOLMOD02 Basic RefrigerationOn-Line
RegisterEOLMOD03 Basic ElectricalOn-Line
RegisterEOLMOD04aPrimeLINE® Unit Component IDOn-Line
RegisterEOLMOD04bThinLINE® Unit Component IDOn-Line
RegisterEOLMOD05 Keypad & Display FunctionsOn-Line
RegisterEOLMOD06 Tools & ResourcesOn-Line
RegisterEOLMOD07aPrimeLINE® Unit Operating Sequence & Refrigerant FlowOn-Line
RegisterEOLMOD07bThinLINE® Unit Operating Sequence & Refrigerant FlowOn-Line
RegisterEOLMOD08 Pre-TripOn-Line
RegisterEOLMOD10NaturaLINE® Unit OverviewOn-Line
RegisterEOLMOD11NaturaLINE® Unit Operating Sequence & Refrigerant FlowOn-Line

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