Container Training

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For further information about training on refrigerated containers, please contact Tom Graf at +1 (315) 4323492 or David Whyte at +1 (315) 4326411.
Effective for all courses starting on or after Janurary 1st 2019 - Credit card payments will be taken immediately on registering not 30 days prior to the course

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RegisterC28901 Week Container Technician Certificate Course Wilmington, IL12/03/2018 -- 12/07/201811/02/2018
RegisterC29011 Week Container Technician Certificate CoursePort Said, Egypt02/18/2019 -- 02/22/201901/18/2019
RegisterC29021 Week Container Technician Certificate CourseSuez, Egypt02/25/2019 -- 03/01/201901/25/2019
RegisterC29031 Week Container Technician Certificate CourseDubai, UAE03/01/2019 -- 03/05/201902/01/2019
RegisterC29041 Week Container Technician Certificate CourseSeattle, WA03/04/2019 -- 03/08/201902/04/2019
RegisterC29052 Day Container Technician Certificate CourseMelbourne, Australia03/12/2019 -- 03/13/201902/08/2019
RegisterC29063 Day Container Technician Certificate CourseGdansk, Poland03/18/2019 -- 03/20/201902/15/2019
RegisterC29072 Day Gen SetJeddah, Saudi Arabia04/01/2019 -- 04/02/201903/01/2019
RegisterC29081 Week Container Technician Certificate CourseJeddah, Saudi Arabia04/07/2019 -- 04/11/201903/08/2019
RegisterC29113 Day Container Technician Certificate CourseAthens, Greece04/22/2019 -- 04/24/201903/22/2019
RegisterC29122 Day Container Technician Certificate CourseOakland, CA05/13/2019 -- 05/14/201904/12/2019
RegisterCOLM01PLPKGPrimeLINE® 单位助理证书包On-Line
RegisterCOLM02TLPKGThinLINE® 单位助理证书包On-Line
RegisterCOLMOD01 安全使用冷藏机组On-Line
RegisterCOLMOD02 制冷基础On-Line
RegisterCOLMOD03 电气基础On-Line
RegisterCOLMOD04aPrimeLINE 部件识别On-Line
RegisterCOLMOD04b ThinLINE 部件识别On-Line
RegisterCOLMOD05 键盘和显示功能On-Line
RegisterCOLMOD06 工具和资源On-Line
RegisterCOLMOD07aPrimeLINE 机组作业顺序和制冷剂循环On-Line
RegisterCOLMOD07b ThinLINE 机组作业顺序和制冷剂循环On-Line
RegisterCOLMOD08 预检On-Line
RegisterCOLMOD10NaturaLINE 机组概述On-Line
RegisterCOLMOD11NaturaLINE 机组作业顺序和制冷剂循环On-Line
RegisterEOLM01PLPKGPrimeLINE® Unit Associate Certificate PackageOn-Line
RegisterEOLM02TLPKGThinLINE® Unit Associate Certificate PackageOn-Line
RegisterEOLMOD01 Working on Reefer Units Safely On-Line
RegisterEOLMOD02 Basic RefrigerationOn-Line
RegisterEOLMOD03 Basic ElectricalOn-Line
RegisterEOLMOD04aPrimeLINE® Unit Component IDOn-Line
RegisterEOLMOD04bThinLINE® Unit Component IDOn-Line
RegisterEOLMOD05 Keypad & Display FunctionsOn-Line
RegisterEOLMOD06 Tools & ResourcesOn-Line
RegisterEOLMOD07aPrimeLINE® Unit Operating Sequence & Refrigerant FlowOn-Line
RegisterEOLMOD07bThinLINE® Unit Operating Sequence & Refrigerant FlowOn-Line
RegisterEOLMOD08 Pre-TripOn-Line
RegisterEOLMOD10NaturaLINE® Unit OverviewOn-Line
RegisterEOLMOD11NaturaLINE® Unit Operating Sequence & Refrigerant FlowOn-Line
RegisterEOLMOD12XtendFRESH™ SystemOn-Line

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